Oral Tablets / 20, 150 Tablets

Each tablet contains Pyridostigmine Bromide 60 mg

Treatment of Myasthenia gravis

Dose and adminstration:

  • Adults: Multiple doses of 30 to 120 mg are given at intervals throughout the day. The total daily dose is usually in the range of 120 – 1200 mg but doses higher than these may be needed by some patients according to dose titration.
  • Children: Children under 6 years old should receive an initial dose of 30 mg of Mestinon; children 6 – 12 years old should receive 60 mg. Dosage should be increased gradually, in increments of 15 – 30 mg daily, until maximum improvement is obtained.  Total daily requirements are usually in the range to 30 – 360 mg.
  • Newborns: When this product is  used in pediatric patients, the required dosage shall be determined by careful titration. In neonatal myasthenia, usually preference will be given to treatment with Neostigmine. However, if this seems to be unsuitable (for instance, due to severe cholinergic side effects), Mestinon can be administered. As a standard value, it is recommended in these cases to give 5 mg per os in form of tablets every 4 to 6 hours, in each case 30 - 60 minutes before feeding. This dose should be gradually reduced until the medication can be discontinued. Treatment for more than eight weeks after birth will only be required in some extremely rare cases of congenital and heredofamilial infantile myasthenia.